Spiritual work

 President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev signed the Law “On Fighting Corruption” January 3, 2017





This law defines the definition of corruption as follows: “Corruption is a material or non-material benefit in the interests of an individual or in the interests of other persons. unlawful use of respiratory means, as well as the provision of such benefits in an unlawful manner. “

In recent years, significant organizational and legal reforms have been implemented in the country in the fight against corruption. Through this systematic measures were taken to improve the legal awareness and legal culture of citizens, to create intolerant attitude to corruption in society. Moral education, the power of public opinion, and the media, in the family, school, workforce, community, and the media should all be focused on creating a lasting resistance to any violations of the law. In conclusion, we can say that corruption is a complex social phenomenon and we need to pay special attention to improving the legal literacy of our people and youth, and respect for the law.